Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Update

And other tales of a very! boring! weekend!

Not sure what those exclamation points are about; I just felt like emphasizing the very boringness of our weekend.
It rained. And rained some more.
I happen to enjoy rainy days, so this didn't bother me much. It was, however, nice to see the sun this morning. And, not to mention, temperatures over the 50 degree mark. I'm not quite ready to kiss fall goodbye. Winter can take it's time, for all I care.

Due to the rain, soccer was cancelled on Saturday. Craig arrived home from his concert pretty late Friday night (Saturday morning) but I managed to sneak out and partake in my Saturday morning beating at the gym. The more I take the class, the less of a beating it is, so I guess that means my endurance and stamina are increasing. That's a good thing. However, the top of my IT band (or hip?) did take a beating in class and I've been a little tight and limpy on the left side ever since. I used the elliptical this morning to take a break from running and allow my hurt to heal. I'm not a big fan of the elliptical. It's a passable form of exercise, but kind of boring. Also, with my extraordinary good luck, I managed to hop on a machine located next to a stinky guy. I realize it's unreasonable of me to expect gym members to come in smelling rosy, but you know, there are certain measures you can take to make sure you don't gross out your fellow exercisers. Or, maybe that's just me.
All I know is that the guy was stanky. To top it off, he text messaged and piddled with his ipod the whole time. What's the point? If you aren't going to put an effort into your workout, you should stay home. And shower.
At our gym in Georgia, I remember a young girl (age 16 or so) walking on the upstairs track at a snail's pace, talking on the phone and drinking a Coke. Obviously it would be unreasonable for me to expect everyone to take exercise as seriously as I do, but come on. Coke at the gym!?


The remainder of Saturday involved Caroline and her friends constructing the world's largest fort in our living room. I thought about taking a picture, but truthfully, I couldn't bare to look at the disaster head on. It wasn't the blankets and chairs that bothered me; it was the scraps of paper strewn about, crayons in piles on the floor(instead of in their designated 'crayon bucket'), stickers stuck to my fake ficus tree and all of my decorative items rearranged. Despite the forts ability to kick my neurotic, neat freakish ways in to overdrive, the kids had fun.
Once the mess was cleaned up (and I was able to breathe easily) Caroline grabbed her sleeping bag and headed off to the neighbor's house for a birthday/slumber party.
And would you care to fashion a guess as to what Craig and I did on our child free night. Well, if you guessed ate eggs for dinner, watched college football and fall sleep around 10 then you're the winner.
It's sad, but true. However, we live a life of lowered expectations, so it was actually a fine evening.

Sunday involved a trip to the commissary and more tent building.

And pot pie for dinner.

And there you have the the rundown of a very uninspiring weekend.

Hopefully I'll have something more interesting to blog about soon. I actually have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow: Field Day at Caroline's school, a trip to Trader Joe's and Target and baking a German Chocolate Cake for Craig's co worker's birthday.
Maybe something exciting will happen.
You never know....

But, don't hold your breath.

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