Monday, October 12, 2009

Well, Where Did the Day Go?

Today was one of those days where I hardly sat down at all and yet, as I tweeted earlier, I'm not even sure of what I did all day. I was busy, but my recollection of the day's events is slightly fuzzy.

I do know that my house was bombarded with many giggly girls this afternoon. Those giggly girls, in usual school's out fashion, created quite the mess in our living room, constructing war shields (?), creating signs, fashioning a Webkinz war and nearly starting an acorn war, but I, quite fortunately, overheard their strategy session and quickly put the kibosh on their plan. Webkinz are soft and can be thrown with minimal damage.
Acorns? Yep, not so much.

I wonder if I thought acorn wars indoors were a good idea when I was seven? Somehow I think I've always been one of those old souls; one that wouldn't dream of doing something so riddled with consequence and you know, the potential for bodily (and housely) harm. In case you were wondering, I'm using the term "old soul" as a synonym for boring.

Somehow it seems a little less pathetic. No?

So, I was busy today. I do remember sneaking upstairs to read a few pages of my book while the kids howled and created a disaster zone inside. That didn't last long, for some reason or another, and I was quickly back in the noisy mix, directing traffic, handing out snacks and shooting very stern looks in the direction of my behavior challenged house guests.

They were really (really!) wild today. Consequently, I'm very happy that the school week, albeit a short week, will commence tomorrow.

We took a trip to the pumpkin patch yesterday; I'll post some pictures of our trip tomorrow. Probably. Maybe.
The weather was lovely and the scenery was equally as lovely. Otherwise, our long weekend was pretty uneventful, save for a trip to the running store, which I refer to as "Craig's version of Disney World."


This is a half hearted update, but I do not like for the blog to go so long without a new post. Hopefully I'll have some time tomorrow to relive our pumpkin patch experience, as I'm sure you're all dying to know whether or not we made it through the corn maze safe and sound. I do, however, have to be at the school twice tomorrow, once in the morning to help during computer lab and then again at 2pm to help the PTA put together some entertainment book fundraiser bags.

Have I ever mention how much I hate fundraisers?
I think all parents do. I know they're necessary, but...sigh.

I'm helping because the PTA volunteer coordinator is our neighbor and the mom of Caroline's two best buds. She needed help, and well, I've got the time.

Oh, have I got the time.

That's ok, I'm happy to help.

And here I've spent all this time blogging and I'm missing Aaron Carter do the lambada on Dancing With the Stars. Thankfully Donnie Osmond drew the Charleston dance card; there is something quite unsettling about the thought of him dancing the lambada.

That is something that should most definitely be forbidden.


nancy said...

Ahhhh....I got my Neurotic fix! I was jonesing.

Alison said...

It seems pathetic for me to say I'm too busy to blog, because really, I'm not all that busy. I mean, c'mon, I have a really dull life. However, I found it hard to find a place to sit and think this weekend. Maybe I'm just too busy to think. Or too distracted, is more like it. Or bothered by little people, most of which do not belong to me, who don't use inside voices.
And the mess. The mess distracts me. My house seems like such a pig sty sometimes and all I do is clean and tidy up. That granddaughter of yours is a SLOB.