Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Today Is A Day For Super-Ultra Strength Hair Spray

Not that I would ever consider using any hair product that does not boast the "super" and/or "ultra" hold label. It doesn't make much sense to me that the hair product manufacturers offer so many different levels of "hold." Regular, ultra, maximum, extra, super ultra. It's hair spray, it's supposed to keep you hair in place; why would you want it to keep it in place just a little bit? It's a question I've pondered often. Why God made snakes is another oft pondered thought, as well as, the state of mind of those in charge of procuring Lady GaGa's entire wardrobe and why Hugh Jackman ever thought that starring in "Viva Laughlin" was a prudent career move.

Deep thoughts. Deep thoughts.

If you didn't catch my drift with all the hair spray talk up above, it's windy outside. Really windy. A day that screams "bad hair day" and makes you wonder why you even bothered spending ten minutes blow drying your hair. I mean, really, what's the point?

The good news is that the temperature is pleasant, which makes the toleration of the wind a little more, well.....tolerable. I HATE cold wind. It's nasty, unpleasant and totally unnecessary. So, today as I sit outside while Caroline practices with her soccer team, I will brush the hair out of my face 568 times and be sure to remind myself that I'm glad it's 73 degrees outside and not 45. It'll be my mantra. My "my-hair-is-in-my-face-but-it-could-be-worse" mantra.

Mantras can be helpful. I have a running mantra. Although, it's probably not technically a mantra, it's more of a reminder. When I'm tired, ready to stop or generally annoyed with my situation, I tell myself over and over that running makes my legs strong. It works. I want strong legs so I purposefully concentrate on that and nothing else. Unless a really good song starts on my ipod and then I forget all my troubles and get busy singing.

On the cake front, it appears that my red velvet cake was a hit. Next up is a German chocolate cake for an upcoming birthday and about 80 other recipes that I've been waiting to try. I have to pace myself and find that I acquire new recipes faster than I can make the ones in my "to bake" queue. I can't help it; there are just too many great baking blogs out there; it's hard not to drool over their fabulous creations and their even more fabulous photography.

When I grow up I want to be a better photographer. I'm not sure I'm willing to take the leap and purchase one of those ridiculously expensive DSLR cameras, but I did tell the birthday fairy that I would like a new camera for my birthday next month. For now I'm just interested in upgrading my hunk of junk, dropped too many times, point and shoot to a better quality point and shoot. As much as I'd like to be special and have a bad ass camera with a neato neck strap, an easy to use regular camera really does suit me and my photographically imbecilic ways better.
Because, let's face it, I forget my camera more often than I remember to bring it. Good bloggers and good mothers should not forget their cameras. Unfortunately this is part of my genetic make up and therefore irreversible.

This afternoon I got invited to a scrapbook/card making party. If you know me well, you'll be rolling on the floor laughing right now. The woman who sells the stuff for scrapbooking knows that I don't do either of those things, but she didn't want to exclude me from the festivities, which is kind of her. I told her I'm lacking the "memory keeper" gene and therefore wouldn't be a very good scrapbooker. She said, "Well do you send out cards? You can make those, instead." I laughed a hearty chuckle. Along with my inability to remember the camera, I'm also unable to buy and then fill out and send a birthday card in a timely manner. I didn't even send Christmas cards last year. I'm not a busy person so I have the time; I'm just a little scatter brained and a wee bit unsentimental. Again, it's genetics.
I buy birthday cards two weeks in advance. They sit on my desk for two weeks and then I never send them. I mean well, I promise.

Eep, it's time for soccer practice.
I hope we don't blow away!


Sissy said...

We ended up finding my nice camera on Craigslist for a really good deal. I have a Nikon D80, but the D40 is almost the same and usually costs less. They don't make the D80 anymore, but they still carry the D40 in lots of places and you can find it online for less. I have a fancy zoom lens but the one that came on the camera was just fine.

When we went to NYC this summer I saw people all over with my same camera and I would ask them to take photos for me, since they would know how to work my camera. It was a plan that worked!

I encourage you in your photo pursuits as I know how fun it can be to capture some cool moments. And while you may never scrapbook them, you could always get one of those digital frames and let your photos scroll through.

nancy said...

The not-sending-cards gene is on the O'Brand side of the fam. Along with the camera-forgetting and the big butt gene.
You're welcome.

Alison said...

Sissy---I've seen the D40 online and it is definitely more affordable than some, but given my history, I think I'll just go for another point and shoot. Probably a Cannon or maybe one of those Sonys that come in all those pretty colors.

Mom--A load of thanks to you.