Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yep, They Really Do Hate Me

The words "mom, can we build a tent" induce a myriad of emotions within me; none of which are all that pleasant. I half heartedly say yes, knowing that I don't have a legitimate reason to say no, but on the inside I feel like running, hiding, screaming and throwing up. Sure, that seems a bit dramatic, but, well.... you'll just have to see for yourself. Once tent building commenced, I fled the basement area, retreating to the kitchen for some tent-free solitude.

It had been three hours since I found myself leaving the basement in search of a quieter, less messy space in the house, forgetting the web of blankets and chairs being constructed downstairs. The kids went outside a few minutes ago, allowing me the perfect opportunity to come downstairs and sit at the computer.

Guess what I stumbled upon?

Weren't they so kind to leave me with this......

Oh, and I miss counted. Yesterday I thought they had 27 days until school starts, turns out it was 28.

So today I can correctly say, "27 days!"


That seems like such a large number.

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