Thursday, August 20, 2009

This Time I Really Am A Fraud

This wireless internet we've got going on sure has facilitated a lot of blog posts lately. I find sitting in my favorite chair to be much more conducive to composing trivial drivel than when confined to a desk top computer in our bat cave/basement. Perhaps the sunlight streaming through our plantation shutters is opening up the inner recesses of my brain, allowing my thoughts to fully form in a coherent matter manner. Um, yeah, I wouldn't go THAT far, but I must say that I find this to be the most enjoyable bloggy spot. Besides, Caroline and her pal, Sarah, are down in the bat cave watching a syrupy Disney show whilst they eat lunch. Do we know how to entertain, or what? Check that, it's not Disney they're watching. I just heard the theme music to the $25,000 Pyramid. They must be watching the Game Show Network. Huh, go figure. All kids need to know the fabulousness of 70's/80's game shows; Dick Clark is an institution. Oh and Bob Barker with his skinny microphone on a long cord. Sigh, I miss the good old days. I remember being so happy to stay home from school and watch game shows when I was young. I loved Card Sharks and just yesterday I was reminiscing about Name That Tune.

So anyway, as my post title indicates, I am a fraud. Just two days ago I wrote about how I managed to avoid spending $$$ on iced coffee by making my own at home. It is thrifty and convenient and I plan to make more in the very near future. However, would you like to wager a guess as to where I stopped this morning on my way to the commissary? No, not Starbucks. If you guessed Dunkin Donuts, then ding, ding, ding, you're the lucky winner. There is a DD inside the shopette/gas station near the commissary. I usually NEVER stop there, but it's sweltering hot outside. Humid, sticky, uncomfortable, wilting, hot, hot, hot. The type of humidity that makes your makeup just slide right off your face. Blech, I hate summer. I woke up especially early this morning to get in a quick jaunt around the neighborhood before heading to the commissary for our weekly deplete the bank account food stock up. I ran for 30 minutes, but judging by the amount of sweat on my shirt, it looked like I ran for three hours. My body refused to cool down properly so by the time I was dressed with make up on and hair sort of dry, I was still sweating. And what better way to cool down than with a lovely iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts?

If it weren't for the fact that I took Caroline to the Ft. Belvoir pool on Tuesday, I wouldn't be in this surplus-of-excess-cash predicament. There I go deflecting the blame. Selfishness comes so easy. You see, the pool only takes cash, which is a rarity in my wallet. Excess cash = frivolous spending. Not that I haven't been known to use the debit card for $1.73, but that's only in emergent situations. Or, you know, when I'm really, really thirsty or out of bananas. True blue emergencies. Before going to the pool, we stopped at Wal Mart to finish up school shopping. I planned it that way because Caroline's shopping tolerance is low, but the promise of a trip to the pool works wonders in the bribery department. This also provided me with an opportunity to get some cash back while we checked out our school supplies. The only problem is that they only do cash back in increments of $20. I took out the minimum, $20, but the pool's entrance fee is only $2.50, thereby leaving a whole lot of change, taunting me with the promise of unadulterated bliss upon spending. Oh wait, we stopped at 7-11 for a muchly desired Super Big Gulp of diet Pepsi and a Slurpee for Caroline. So $14 has been calling my name for two days. Two days! I'm weak. I had to spend. And spend I did. A whole $2.18 for a medium iced coffee. I'm an animal with no self control.
Some women need Coach purses and fancy shoes that aren't Old Navy 2/$5 flip flops. Some women need all the latest gadgets and weekly manicures. All I need is a cold drink every once in a while. I guess I shouldn't beat myself up over $2.18. Not that I really was. I like to kid. It keeps me youthful.

The first half of the day seemed jam packed with items on the to-do list; can't say the same for the second half. I imagine we'll go to the pool. There was some chatter last night about me taking the girls to the school playground this evening. As long as I locate our bug spray, I'm game. Evening time is prime mosquito bitin' time. And I seem to be their prime target. Must be because I'm so sweet!

Again with the kidding.

I've been called many things in my life, but sweet probably isn't one of them. I wish I were sweet. Not syrupy or mushy, but sweet. I'm not brash or loud, but I'm certainly not demure. I'm too big boned to be demure. I'm more bull in a china shop than porcelain doll. Not that I'd want to be a porcelain doll; they're kind of creepy. We passed a doll shop while driving through Amish country and even the store front window gave us the heebie jeebies.

This post has officially meandered so off course that I have no idea how to bring it back around. Normally I'm a fan of a neat and tidy ending.
Today, I've got nothing.

the end.

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Booklover1212 said...

Good morning! I stumbled upon your blog and noticed that you are a military wife and are stationed at Ft. Belvoir. What a small world! I am a military wife as well, and my husband was stationed at Ft. Belvoir for 4 years before we relocated to Colorado. Enjoyed reading your blog!

~ Jennifer