Monday, August 24, 2009


Ch-ching goes the cash register at our local Honda dealer. No, we didn't participate in the Cash for Clunkers deal, but we sure are spending a great deal of cash on our clunker today. Yesterday, Craig piled Caroline and her three friends in the car to see a movie. As they left and I took a moment to cherish the silence, and think to myself how stupid brave Craig was for taking on such an ambitious task, I heard Craig come back inside.
"Guess what light came on" he asked.
Hopeful, but doubtful, I sheepishly said "the gas light?"

Um, that would be a negative.

Yes, my friends, it was the "check engine" light. Oh, what a sad sight it is to discover that sign illuminating in the dash board. So off to the Honda fix it man we went.

$2000 later, Craig will have a fixed up car by 5pm.

Yep, I said it. $2000.

His car is 9 years old and has never given us a single problem, so we can't complain. And yet, I complain. Not because we don't have the money to pay for it, but it's simply not FUN to spend $2000 on car repairs.

I mean, really, can't you think of a better way to blow $2000?

I know for darn sure I can. If I can't wear it, eat it, sit on it, watch it or enjoy it's beauty, I don't want it.

It's been a spendy weekend. Between back to school shopping, soccer sign ups and car repairs, I
can see the poorhouse just over yonder on the horizon.

Speaking of soccer sign ups, I'm still kind of steamy after that pocket emptying fiasco this afternoon. Caroline stated that she wanted to play this fall after a year long break from team sports; most of her friends play and she wanted to be included. I called my neighbor for information on the sign ups and she directed me to the club's website. Naturally, the sign ups ended yesterday, so I knew I'd be facing a late fee.
Eh, no biggie; it's not the first time.

So I fill out the information and come to a page that says something to the effect that they charge parents who choose not to volunteer a $15 fee. Wha!?! So, because I don't want to be a coach or equipment manager, I have to pay $15.
I don't get that at all.
They also charge $5.50 just to sign up.

And then they have the nerve to ask for donations!

So Caroline's $70 soccer fee turned into $100.50.

What kind of hack job soccer club is this? She doesn't even like soccer that much, but she wants to play because a few of her friends are.

It's been one of those rant worthy days, but on a more pleasant note, we met a friend from school at the school playground this afternoon. It was nice for the two girls to play while her mom and I chatted it up. But, alas, it was quite roasty outside, so the fun had to end before we all shriveled up from the heat of the day.
After the park, we made a trip to the pool only to discover that there was some sort of mechanical problem.

Eh, some days are like that.

With any luck, tomorrow will be a little less catastrophic on our wallets.


nancy said...

Dad wants to know what they did that cost $2,000.

I'm sitting here trying to think of something clever to write, but I ain't got squat.
Hey--what's WRONG with paint-splattered jumpers?! It was my whole Ode to the Duggars ensemble.

Alison said...

I was thinking that at least the jumpers weren't denim; that would be FAR worse.
The check engine light was for an o2 sensor ($400), then they looked at the timing belt and realized that needed to be replaced, which wasn't a surprise ($850, it was $950 but we had a coupon), oil change ($??) and the last thing had to do with something with the struts that also required wheel alignment ($400+). I don't have the itemized list, but the total came to $1949. $1300 of it was LABOR!!! I'm so going to car repair school to make the big bucks. Craig says his drives MUCH better now, so that's a plus. He still needs tires....and my 30,000 maintenence is quicky approaching. Damn cars.

Sissy said...

I hate going to the mechanic. Hate it with a passion, although we never go to the dealer. We have a guy that only services Hondas and he goes to our church, so I hope we're not getting ripped off!