Thursday, August 27, 2009

12 Days!

I don't know about you, but September 8th can't come quickly enough. The school supplies list is complete, the clothes are washed and hanging in the closet, the kids are all cranky and ornery and I'm about to lose my mind. All sure signs that school needs to start sooner rather than later. We find out who Caroline's teacher is next Wednesday and go to Open House on Thursday. After that we have a long Labor Day weekend....and then the fun begins. I told my neighbor, who is single and has dogs instead of kids, that she might see me doing cartwheels in the street on September 8th. She laughed and promised not to run me over on her way to work if she sees me "celebrating." Too bad I don't know how to do cartwheels.

I haven't written a horribly lengthy blog post in a few days. To tell you the truth, I was beginning to annoy myself after last week's string of verbose blog postings. I figure that if I'm annoying myself, I'm probably annoying everyone else, as well. You haven't missed much anyway.

It's been an exciting interesting amusing action packed envy inducing few days.

Yep, that much fun.

I am happy and quite relieved to report that Caroline and I successfully found green ball point pens (yes, penS, I had to buy 12, but I got em' and that is all that matters) and new jeans. As I said above, she's set for school. So come on September 8th, Alison's waiting for thee. I do still need to sharpen pencils, but I'll save that for tomorrow. If my weather map reading skills are up to par, I've noticed that Tropical Storm Danny will be bringing some rain our way tomorrow. I can't think of a better rainy day task than sharpening 36 pencils.

Otherwise, our life has been most uninteresting. Tonight is "Fiesta" night at Craig's work. We're providing tacos. I don't consider myself a master at making taco filling, but I located a recipe on that looks promising. I tend to fret a lot more over my savory food offerings than my baked goods, but I've yet to disappoint the crowds, so that gives me some hope. After yesterday's chocolate cake success, I now have two orders for the same cake. I'm going to be knee deep in chocolate butter cream next week. Not that being knee deep in frosting is such a bad thing.
When I prepared the frosting on Tuesday night I had just eaten some raw red onion with my dinner, which proved to be a very big mistake. That was the most potent onion I have eaten in a long time and it left a lingering oniony taste in my mouth, which altered my taste buds. I had to rely on my official taste testers, Caroline, Sarah, Kyleigh and Jonathan to let me know that the frosting was edible. Not that kids are helpful critics when sugar is involved; if it's sweet, they give it two thumbs up.

Not sure what's on the agenda today. The pump at our community pool has been broken for three days and I sure hope it's fixed today. The natives are especially restless this morning and I think I swim would do them some good. I hear lots of mumbling, grumbling and complaining coming from the basement where Caroline and her friends are playing the Wii Fit. One of the girls does not like to be last or the worst and makes her feelings known. It's not Caroline, thankfully, although she doesn't like being last or worst either. She's just not as vocal about it. You can read it in her body language and by her red, on the verge of crying, eyes, but she's *usually* not the type to whine because others are doing better than her. I think she has that internal competitiveness that I also have. It's my hope that Caroline will always be a good sport, even though it hurts to lose.

That is a tough lesson to learn.

Sigh, the laundry basket, which is filled to the brim with dirty clothes, has been staring at me the whole time I've been typing. I don't think it will budge, so I suppose I should do something to rectify the situation.

You know, I'd be much more enthusiastic about laundering if it were September 8th. Too bad I still have 12 days left of less than enthusiastic laundering left. Oh well....

In the meantime, I think I'll go practice my cartwheel skills.


Sissy said...

We've been in school a week already, can't believe you still have 12 days to go. Wow.

You use a recipe for taco filling? I'm curious to know about that. I use a seasoning packet. Elaborate, please. Or send me an email and tell me what you use.

You have to sharpen the pencils before they go to school? I think that's weird.

Alison said...

Craig has an aversion to the taco packet seasoning. I don't make tacos often and usually just wing it with spices from the pantry and sometimes I add some enchilada sauce to soup it up a bit. Since that is hit or miss, and I was cooking for others, I looked for a recipe. It was *ok* but nothing to write home about. I ended up adding additional spices because it was el blando. So, in conclusion, if you like the packet stuff, keep using it.

Sissy said...

Isn't it really just garlic, cumin, chili powder, salt and pepper? I guess? We went over to someone's house the other day for tacos and they didn't put ANYTHING on the meat. It was strange. I thought everyone used that stuff, but I guess I learn something new everyday. I do use the low sodium kind, though, and find it to be just fine.

In fact, I use that taco packet stuff quite a bit to flavor other things. If you add half a packet to leftover rotisserie chicken, you can make quesadillas. If you add half a packet to alfredo sauce then you get a great southwestern pasta sauce, that I use with chicken.

Okay. Enough about tacos. Now, I'm hungry and I just ate dinner. Tacos for dinner tomorrow.

Oh, and use the crockpot when you take the meat in!