Monday, August 17, 2009

But I Don't Want To Sharpen 72 Pencils

Things sure have changed since I was a soon-to-be second grader at JC Crumpton Elementary school. I'm not sure that we even had a school supply list. If we did, it probably listed two things: lunch box and back pack. And if you bought lunches in the cafeteria, you could scratch the lunch box from the list.
Caroline's list isn't unreasonable, but it is a tad bit lengthy and oh so specific. When it comes to food and household products, I'm not brand loyal. However, when it comes to crayons and markers, I am Crayola's number one fan. So for that I can understand the specificity of the school supply list. Elmer's glue and glue sticks, name brand tissues, Crayola crayons, markers and colored pencils, Fiskars scissors, Ticonderoga #2 pencils, sharpened.

Three boxes of Ticonderoga #2 pencils sharpened.


I don't want to sharpen three boxes of pencils.

Last year, the list also specified sharpened pencils, but did not list a specific brand. No problem, they actually sell pre-sharpened pencils. Those evil geniuses at the pencil factory.
While at Wal Mart today, home of the overly crowded school supply section, with a zillion navy blue folders with prongs, but NONE WITH POCKETS, they had sharpened pencils. However, the sharpened pencils were some lame brand that was not Ticonderoga. They had Ticonderoga pencils, 24 to a package, all with blunt bottoms. Now here's the deal: 24 times 3 is 72. Does each child really need 72 pre sharpened pencils? If all 20+ kids bring in 72 pencils, that's a whole lot of pencils.
I wish they would have specified a number instead of the generic "3 boxes."

I didn't buy three boxes of Ticonderoga pencils, which incidentally are protected by Microban. I'm all for germ killing, but antibacterial pencils? That might even be a little to crazy for me. Well, not really, because in all honesty, when I saw the Microban label, my heart skipped a beat.

Hoping to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome from sharpening 72 pencils, we're going to check Staples before making a final purchase. Besides, those three boxes of pencils would have cost nearly $12.


For pencils.

I'm not one to make waves, so I'll do as the list commands, but I'm not giving in without an honorable fight. I'll search high and low for pre-sharpened Ticonderoga #2
pencils, before caving and consequently subjecting myself to a wrist injury from pencil sharpener over use.

The list is *almost* complete. We have pencils, a green ball point pen and a large container of antibacterial wipes to purchase. I'll also buy the industrial size bottle of hand sanitizer to present to the teacher. It's my own personal tradition.

Heck, with copious amounts of hand sanitizer and pencils with Microban protection at Caroline's disposal, perhaps she'll remain illness free this year. As much as I adore sending Caroline to school, not a day goes by without me wondering what type of germs she's picking up in her sess pool classroom. Thankfully she's been made fully aware, by her ever vigilant mother, the merits of proper hand washing and keeping pencils out of her mouth. I wish I had been so informed at her age. I clearly remember chewing on pencils, biting my filthy germy fingernails and placing my sandwich on the dirty cafeteria tables. Ew, just thinking about all of the gross things I did as a kid makes me feel a little squirmy on the inside.

Suddenly I find myself motivated to have a sit down with Caroline in order to reiterate the importance of hand washing and keeping your mouth far away from foreign (and dirty) objects. Especially, communal objects in which classmates, with unknown hygiene practices, also have access to.

It's a list of rules that warrants repeating.

And hands-on practical exercises.

And a Power Point presentation.


nancy said...

Two words: Electric pencil sharpener. (Oops--3 words)

Love the Power Point ending to your post. You a clever gurl.
So, what's the First Day of Skool Outfit?

I went to see Cristy in Tampa on Saturday and we found this HUGE Goodwill store. I scored three things that are nice, but her stuff was better. They had lots of jean jackets, but I have one I love already.
I should go back there in a few weeks.
That's all...

Alison said...

I thought about getting an electric pencil sharpener, but that would require that I accumulate more stuff. I've been feeling very "anti stuff" lately; feeling the urge to purge all of our useless junk. Clutter just seems to complicate things. And I want to remain as uncomplicated as possible.
Um, yeah. We'll see how that goes....