Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm Gonna Wash That Day Right Off Of My Face

Have you had one of those days where you felt like getting in the shower and scrubbing the day off of you? That might sound strange, but sometimes I feel like scrubbing and scrubbing to rid me of whatever is plaguing me. Wouldn't it be nice if a hot shower was enough to wipe away the crud and leave you a new person when you step out of the tub? Too bad soap and hot water only wash away dirt and the excessive amount of product in your hair. Even the roughest loofah and the most potent soap only deal with surface issues.
Does that make me sound looney?
I'm not looney, I promise. And honestly, I haven't had a bad day. It's been a perfectly normal day, quite actually. Maybe I just feel grimy from sweating so much at the pool. I really should put my bathing suit on and actually get in the pool to cool off, but that seems like so much trouble. As I say to Caroline, I'm allergic to bathing suits! I think I'm better suited to reading under an umbrella. Yea, I'm boring like that.

I don't know. I think I have too much extra time on my hands. Perhaps if I had a hobby I wouldn't find myself thinking about such things. Or, maybe it's just the clean freak in me. When I'm mad or sad or frustrated nothing sounds more appealing than scrubbing the kitchen sink or organizing a messy dresser. After I've eaten ice cream, of course.

Right now I'm sitting in our basement while Caroline and her friends set up a labyrinth of curling ribbon from the top of our staircase down to the kitchen and dining room. Their intention is for the jumble of lines to serve as both a booby trap and a zip line to send messages hooked to a coat hanger. I'm glad they're having fun, but navigating my way through the kitchen has proven to be quite difficult. That would explain why I'm hiding in the basement. When I told Caroline that she'd have to take the trap down tonight, she looked at me with such disbelief.

How could I be so unreasonable?

I told her that her dad would end up killing himself in their trap when he arrives home to a dark house after work.

Well, it looks as if it's time to accompany Caroline to the school playground. She's very happy that's she has grown tall enough to reach the monkey bars. This is a huge deal to her.

Time to sweat some more!

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