Monday, April 19, 2010

Pictures of a Random Nature: Part Deux

Ever since we cashed in Caroline's free doughnut valentines here and here, we haven't been back to Krispy Kreme. With nothing pressing (and nothing not pressing, either) on our agenda, we took a trip to the K. Kreme yesterday. Sure it's unhealthy, but despite that little fact, it's good old fashioned fun for all. Caroline enjoys deep fried, glaze coated refined white flour and sugar a doughnut while I enjoy hot, fresh coffee that has been brewed by someone other than me.

Truth be told, doughnuts and coffee, while tasty and all, can get kind of boring. However, accessorizing with a fun hat adds a certain amount of novelty to the whole doughnut experience.

Cream filling!

Yikes, TOO MUCH cream filling. Never thought we'd say those words!

We scraped some of the excess filling out with a wooden coffee stirrer and it was still too much. Caroline didn't even finish the doughnut! For a kid who would shovel sugar in her mouth if I let her, this is way out of the ordinary.

I think we'll stick with sprinkles next time. Lesson learned.

Despite Caroline's unintended sugar overload, the doughnut conveyor belt of fun still managed to catch her attention.

Watching alone is fun, but bonding with strangers in front of a vat of frying oil is even better. The kids stood there for a very long time, checking for doughnut deformities and wondering, aloud, what it would be like to swim through a waterfall of glaze.

And then we went home and ate broccoli.

Actually, first we went on the great peach pie filling hunt of 2010. It was no small feat, but we were victorious in the end. I'm making a peach cobbler coffee cake for "school staff appreciation week" and peach pie filling is, quite obviously, a key ingredient. I guess I could have made my own, but I'm getting up at the crack of dawn Monday morning to bake it, so I'm okay with taking the easy route.

On to the next random subject....
We have some bushes that line one side of our driveway. I *think* they're azalea bushes, but I could be (and probably am) quite wrong. Nevertheless, after the great snow dumpage we experienced in February, I was really fearful that the bushes didn't survive being weighed down by snow for a couple of weeks. Good news, they're about to produce their beautiful pink blooms! Guess they're alive, after all.

You have NO idea how relieved this makes me feel.

Lastly, Craig forwarded a few more pictures of the area surrounding his deployment locale. The email says they were taken by Dan. I'm not sure who Dan is, but, well....thanks, Dan!

There's snow on them thar mountains!

Sorry, no unsettling pictures of mines this time.

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