Monday, April 12, 2010

Absent Blogger

Or is that absent-minded blogger?
Or perhaps, it's simply a case of a blogger who had a weekend absent of any blog-worthy anecdotes.

Yep, that's it.

Seriously folks. I haven't anything to blog about.

The weekend went something like this:

We ran with the Croc Trotters at 7:30. Breakfast was consumed and the house was cleaned.

I bought some mulch. I pulled weeds and laid down new mulch.

Caroline played all day.

Sunday was similar. Except for the running and mulch laying.
Caroline played. I baked some pumpkin bread.

And then, things got so low that I even watched golf. GOLF. I don't play golf. I don't really like golf. Golf on tv is boring.
But, it was the Master's, which takes place in our old home, Augusta, GA. The Augusta National golf course is gorgeous and Jim Nance has a very comforting golf voice. He could seriously lull you to sleep with his commentary. Or wait, is it the golf itself that will put anyone in a boredom induced trance?

Despite my general dislike for golf, I am mildly fascinated by Tiger Woods. And not just because he's some sort of cheating man whore. While I think he's a jerk and owes his wife more than just an apology, I hate how the media makes him apologize at every turn. It's not our business; he owes us nothing. But his wife and kids? Oh, he owes them a lot.
Anyway, I have no intention of turning this into any sort of commentary on Tiger Woods.

However, I found it quite funny when he'd mess up and say to himself "Tiger Woods!" in the most exasperated voice. As if he was scolding himself. I do that. When I mess up I say "Alison, you dork!" or something like that.

Golfers take golf quite seriously. And Tiger's little blow ups remind me of a time when Caroline and I accompanied Craig to the driving range. Craig, while easy going in many respects is very easily frustrated when things aren't going his way on the golf course or while putting things together. After the great lawn mower fight of 2001, we no longer participate in Alison-Craig couples assembly projects. We each go at our own projects alone. It works for us.

Anyway, back to the driving range. On that particular day, Craig was having a particularly frustrating time with his bucket of balls. He lost it. His cool. His composure. His usual chill nature. Gone. Out the window. To relieve the tension, Craig started banging his club on the ground. Usually I roll my eyes and move on when these tantrums start. But this time I laughed. Now, in my defense, I thought he was laughing at himself, as well. If I knew that he was not laughing at himself, I would not have laughed too. I'm no idiot; I would have gone back to the old eye roll standby instead.

Needless to say, Craig was not happy that I was laughing. I honestly thought I was laughing WITH him and not AT him, but he didn't seem to care. It wasn't pretty. But hey, I've had my fair share of ugly tempered moments. It happens.

On a another note, I think this was the same trip in which Caroline HAD to go to the bathroom while we were waiting for Craig. The clubhouse was closed and our only option was the port-o-potty. She was 3 and HAD to go; making a 3 year old hold it is darn near impossible. So we went in. And it was disgusting. Really, it was. And after that Caroline kept talking about how "bisgusting" the port-o-potty was.

Monday is shaping up to be uneventful as well. Although, the kids will be in school all day today, which is kind of fun. For me. Normally Mondays are half days, but today was supposed to be a teacher work day. Instead, it's a full day of school to make up one of the three million snow days they had in February.

I'm actually going to buy more mulch today; as it turns out, I was one bag shy on Saturday, but we never ventured out for another bag. Because we were so busy and all.

If if weren't for the fact that I just accidentally dipped my hair into my green smoothie and got smoothie drops on my shirt, I'd really be lacking things to report.

Hope your weekend was more exciting than mine!

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