Monday, December 7, 2009


and various other tales of a weekend of blah.

It snowed on Saturday.

(insert picture that I took but am too lazy to upload)

Don't worry, it was a picture taken by ME and therefore, not worth looking at.

Caroline's school held a "Santa's Shopping Day" or something of that nature, on Saturday morning. It was one of those deals where kids hit their parents up for some of their hard earned money, bring it to the school cafeteria and proceed to buy presents for their parents, siblings, friends, etc. And by presents, I really mean crap. You've seen it all before; any and everything scribed with the words "World's Greatest Dad," ceramic kitty statues, bouncy balls, paper fans.
Like I said, crap.

Stuff no parent wants, but is happy to accept because of the pure joy their children get from buying something all by themselves. Even if they didn't use their own money.
It's hard to deny your child that type of satisfaction.

I volunteered to pass out cookies and hot chocolate to the shoppers, so I arrived before the function started. Caroline came with me to shop, with plans to go home with Craig once he arrived at the school. Prior to the 10 am start time, I perused the tables with Caroline. Knowing full well that I really did not want anything on the table (but would graciously accept something if she chose to buy me a Washington Redskins mini football or a genuine silver-like, cubic zirconia necklace), I suggested that she buy something for her dad and a little something for herself. That way she could help Craig pick something out for me when he takes her shopping before Christmas. You know, for something like, oh, I don't know, a new wallet. Hint, hint, ahem, HINT.

Because she's a girl after my own heart, Caroline liked this idea very much. Not because she'd rather buy me something I really wanted nor because she saw something totally awesome for Craig, but mostly because she wanted to buy stuff for herself. Paper fans, weird goopy sand stuff, bouncy balls. She was in heaven. Craptastic, stuff-mom-will-throw-away-in-three-days, heaven.

It was like a birthday goodie bag on steriods.

As a bonus, I saved myself from receiving a "World's Greatest Mom" pencil sharpener or LED light for my key chain.

Everyone wins.

Except for Craig. But that's nothing new.

He'll be the happy recipient of whatever crap Caroline chose to purchase for him. He's a good natured guy and will accept it with relish. But, I'll take Caroline shopping with me to pick out a real present for him. Maybe some Stetson cologne or soap on a rope. No, how about new socks and an ice scraper for his windshield? He loves to scrape ice.

It snowed during the holiday shopping extravaganza. It's was quite fitting; and really very beautiful.
I just love the how the sky is covered by that grey blanket while snow falls. It was a wet snow, kind of slushy, with big fat flakes. It didn't stick too much, which was nice, because I'm not so fond of shoveling snow.
The kids had a ball, nonetheless.

Caroline was SO excited to pull out her new snow boots and the gloves and snow pants I bought on clearance last year.
If it means getting the kids to play outside like they did this weekend, I wish it would snow more often.
Or, well...maybe not.

Again, shoveling snow and driving on icy roads isn't as much fun as one might think.

So, besides the shin dig at the school and the mess of snow saturated winter paraphernalia piled high in our front hallway, causing me to spasm uncontrollably, our weekend was most uneventful.
Our refrigerator is bare and my shopping list is long, but I DID NOT want to go to the commissary yesterday. Normally, I suck it up and go, but wild horses could not drag me there yesterday.
Instead, I delayed the inevitable and sent Craig for a few essentials; I'm going tomorrow for a big stock up.

And then we spent the majority of the afternoon hiding from the kids, watching football upstairs and laughing at People of Walmart. If you haven't seen this site, you really must.
It is equally horrifying and amusing. A total train wreck; but a fun way to laugh away the afternoon.

Sites like that make me thankful for the good sense God gave me.

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Sissy said...

Yeah, that stuff isn't worth the money, cause it was also probably a fundraiser, right? That never adds up to quality. Or if it is something nice, it costs $40 bucks when you could have bought it at Target for $25, just because of the mark-up. But, I know, schools need the money. Our bookfair prices aren't really expensive, so I always wonder how we make any money at all. But we do!

That snow completely missed us. I am jealous.