Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Feels Good to Move

If you're NOT me, a three day break from the gym is something to cherish; if you are me, it's a total bummer. And no, I'm not a valley girl, I just like talk like one. Fer sure.
You might be surprised to read this, but my sunny disposition is not innate. Are you shocked? I am not naturally happy all the time, as I tend to portray myself on this blog. In fact, my happy mood is directly related to the amount of exercise I get. The exercise induced endorphins increase my cheerfulness factor, but I'm certain it's quite apparent that I'm still a terrible liar.

I'm not sure that I've ever been described as sunny or cheerful.

Except on opposite day!

I must admit that the snowstorm and the resulting stuck-in-the-house-because-our-driveway-is-one-giant-iceberg-and-the-surrounding-streets-aren't-plowed-yet situation was almost welcomed. I say *almost* because I sure do hate missing gym time. On the other hand, my kitchen cabinets received quite the scrubbing and our house is virtually clutter free again.
The forced down time definitely increased my productivity levels. That's what happens when you've got nothing but time.
Clearly, I'm not one of those over scheduled people who runs around like a crazy person. Our schedules aren't jam packed. I don't have a job or much of a social life. I wasn't in serious need of down time to decompress from my insane life, and yet, it was nice to be still.
Stiller than usual.
It's nice to stay home and remain free from any outside expectations.

And yet, three days was more than enough. Three days of the same walls and too many homemade biscotti. Three days in which my only form of exercise was trudging up and down the stairs.
After three days, I was really itching for gym time. Craig went off to work this morning and I dragged Caroline along to my favorite place. Do you think it's sad that the gym is one of my favorite places? I know it sounds odd, but the gym is where I find refreshment and renewal. I can honestly say that I'm my happiest when I'm there. Well, it's a tie between the gym and Target.
Caroline, on the other hand, wasn't as thrilled as I was, but that's nothing new.

I had initially planned to visit the commiscary this afternoon to replenish our food supply, but I was warned by a reliable source to stay as far away as possible. With the snow and Christmas quickly approaching, the commiscary was even scarier than usual. Instead, I chucked my money saving desires, and went to the pricey grocery store across the parking lot from my gym to pick up the essentials. I probably paid 30% more there than I would at the commiscary, but somehow I'm not bothered by that. You have to pay for convenience, right?

It was a pleasant experience. Caroline was happier, too; she hates the commissary as much as I do. It was a win-win situation; I got what I needed to last the rest of the week and Caroline didn't find the need to air her hatred of grocery shopping grievances. Like I said, everyone wins. Well, except for the grocery budget. That took a little hit, but it was most definitely worth it.

However, I do have one item that my tightwaddery ways kept me from splurging on. I've been planning to make a brined and roasted pork tenderloin for Christmas dinner. The tenderloins at the grocery store were in the $16 range; at the commissary they're about $6. Clearly, I've been spoiled by the low priced meat at the commissary for too long.
I told Craig of my pricey hunk of meat woes and he offered to stop by the commissary for me and pick one up.

My hero.

It's been a quiet afternoon. After we came home from the gym and grocery store, Caroline traipsed off to our neighbor's house and she's been there since. She even ate lunch there! I ate a hodge podge lunch of leftovers, baked a couple of things and took a "quick" trip to Wal Mart. I was consumed with an overwhelming desire to get some new containers for the pantry. It was an odd desire that wouldn't quit, so I called my neighbor and asked if Caroline could stay with her for a little longer so I could run out to Wal Mart. Since she already fed her, I felt as if I should ask for more favors!
I watch her kids all the time, so she happily obliged.

The roads on the way to Wal Mart were horrific, as was the parking lot.

I must have really wanted those containers.

Truthfully, I did.

There is no shame in admitting that.


I think they look nice.

But then again, I have an unhealthy obsession with containers.

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