Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oreo Truffles

Oreo truffles are easy to make and a definite crowd pleaser. They're messy and you're guaranteed to have melted chocolate EVERYWHERE (counters, clothes, elbows, noses, underneath your chin), but I couldn't imagine not making these around Christmas time. Does that mean they're a tradition?
Huh, I've always claimed to be holiday tradition-less, because, well, I am. Or was?
We didn't have any yearly customs to look forward to when I was growing up, not because our family eschewed tradition, but because, well...I don't really know. I always dreaded the "favorite holiday tradition" question because I felt mildly pathetic for not having any.
Guess I have one now.

It's a young tradition; only a few years old. It's not an old family recipe. Grandma didn't teach me how to make these, the Kraft website did.

Oh well.

The good news is that Caroline is a part of the cultivation of this new tradition. Now she will have something to say when the tradition question is asked.

It's a Christmas miracle.
The humble Oreo truffle, bringing light, joyous tradition and tasty deliciousness to a family devoid of holiday ritual.

Like I said, the recipe is easy peasy. You need three ingredients: Oreos, cream cheese and melted chocolate. For ease, you should also have a food processor or even a blender. Some sort of chopping device is suggested.

For some reason the Kraft website won't display the recipe, but All Recipes is cooperating.

I did things a little differently this year and dipped some in semi sweet (I just use chocolate chips) and some in white chocolate and then did a drizzle across the top in the opposite color.
You can even decorate them with sprinkles or coconut.
Really, anything your heart desires.
Craig called a little while ago to tell me his co workers devoured the truffles I sent to work with him this morning.

In a few days I'm using the same method, but substituting Nutter Butters for the Oreos and dipping them in milk chocolate.
To borrow a phrase from some of my favorite food bloggers, "Holy Yum."


Sissy said...

I am a big fan of these but have never made them myself. I'm not partial to recipes that need a food processor, because mine is only a three cup. Little. And I don't use one often enough to need a bigger one. What do you use?

Yes, you are illustrious. Didn't you know that?

I am so glad we got together, and you have a star to go on your tree that will remind you of me! We can be twins.

Alison said...

I have a big food processor now that I pretty much only use to grind up Oreos or graham crackers for a crust. When I first started making them, I did it the old fashioned way with a ziploc bag and a rolling pin. However, the crumbs weren't fine enough so I used my mini food processor (that holds about 1 cup) and processed in batches. That's what you call a labor of love.
It's do able, but kind of annoying. With a 3 cup capacity processor, you'll still have to do it in bactches, but not nearly as many as with the mini chopper.

I'm thankful for our visit, too. We can be star sisters! In fact, I'm sitting near the Christmas tree right now and the star ornament is in plain sight. I wish we could have Christmas trees up all the time. They're so pretty and peaceful. Sigh.

Alison said...

PS, Sissy.
I just saw your comment on a previous post about ornaments. This is the first place where we haven't had to shove our tree in a corner so now I have to decorate the whole thing. It used to always have a blank spot in the back where I couldn't reach.
For awhile I didn't have enough ornaments to decorate it because we went from a little 4 ft tree to our monster 7 footer. Slowly but surely I've added more to my collection. I also buy several for Caroline each year so that when she grows up and moves away (boo!) she'll have ornaments for her tree. Hopefully they'll mean something to her. Wait...could that be another tradition? Hmmm.

I don't have any of the colored ball ornaments on my tree, but I bought some for our stair case to tie to garland. There are some really pretty ones out there. Copper, bronze, silver, blue, matte, sparkly, patterned. So different than the standard shiny red, gree, blue and silver ones we used to have growing up.

Maybe someday you can have two trees and be able to use all the ornaments you have?
That would be fun.

nancy said...

Oh my yum! Those look amazingly delicious. Great pictures too.

Alison said...

Yes, they do look delicious. And they were, indeed.
I took 57 pictures to get a few that looked *ok*. My new camera takes better pictures than the old one, but I'm still a pho-tard.
I also need some pretty plates to make the photos look more festive, but then that would require that I find a place to store more stuff.
I'd actually like some nice square plates to replace the dinner plates we have used for many years. I'll have to keep my eye out for some nice ones.

Happy Berfday.