Monday, December 21, 2009

Remember These?

No, I didn't eat them in a cooped-up-in-the-house-because-of-the-darn-snow fit of fury, this weekend. Instead, I did as promised, and used them in a recipe.

Notice my old school, primitively archaic recipe system: 5x8 index cards and an ultra fine point Sharpie. The chocolatey smudge marks are optional. However, they do serve as a way of reminding me whether or not I've baked the recipe before. Chocolately smudge marks = tried and true.

Mmm, the good peanut butter.
We use natural Skippy or Jif, because I'm mean like that, but I save the real JiF for baking.
For many, MANY years Craig insisted upon Peter Pan peanut butter. He claimed it was the best, turning up his nose at any other brand. After the recall they had on Peter Pan a few years ago, we started buying regular Jif. Oh, how Craig's tune changed. Jif became the pb of choice, until, that is, I administered the smack down of health consciousness and started buying natural peanut butter. Don't worry, Craig likes it; it's not like I'm forcing it down his throat.

I made these yesterday for Craig to share with his co-workers today. That was before I knew his office was going to be closed today.
Hopefully they'll remain fresh and tasty for tomorrow.


nancy said...

OMG! Those look amazing! You do realize that those photos are totally food porn.

Alison said...

They do look good, huh? I think they needed to be more peanut buttery, but atleast they look good. Craig came home with an empty container, which is a sign that they liked them.