Thursday, November 19, 2009

What Did He Buy NOW?

That's usually what I say when I see the UPS or Fed-Ex man or woman at our door. In our family, Craig is the online shopping addict. He doesn't buy random stuff he sees on TV, thankfully. We don't own a ShamWow or a Magic Bullet; nutritional supplements and anything that might increase Craig's athletic endurance or enhance his recovery time are generally the items purchased.

As Caroline and I approached the front door yesterday after school, I saw a Fed-Ex slip on the door and a little package on the front stoop. "Sheesh, what did your dad buy now?" were the words that escaped from my lips. Upon further inspection, I saw MY name on the box.
Slightly confused, as I knew I hadn't order anything recently, I opened the package only to find the most awesome kitchen gadget ever.
For the perfectionist that I claim to be, I'm a horrible cutter. No two brownies are ever the same size.
I find it slightly annoying that despite my best efforts, I lack the ability to cut perfectly.

Well, my mom has a cousin, named Jan, who owns a bakery in Southern California. My mom attended my cousin's wedding this past September and evidently had a conversation with her cousin about some sort of device that would help a competent home baker, with a less than precise eye, cut perfectly portioned brownies.

Jan, being the kind woman she is, told my mom she'd take care of it.
And she did! It totally made my day.

Jan sent me this adjustable dough divider.

Thanks, Jan.
I cannot wait to try it out!

In other news, Craig bought me a new camera for my birthday.
It's pink.
Apparently matching my shirt to my camera makes me take ridiculous pictures in the bathroom.

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Sissy said...

Love the pink camera, hope you don't hurt yourself with that dough contraption, and can't wait to see you next week! Yippee. Yay. So excited.

Oh, and bring the camera.