Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cheap Labor

If only *I* thought raking leaves deserved to be classified under the heading of a "fun afternoon activity." Chances are favorable that this motley crew of wannabe landscapers will grow bored and abandon the half completed task (and our rakes) in favor of a different, less labor intensive activity. For now, they're having a ball, and that's all I can reasonably ask for.

Although, I'm sure that when Caroline is older and in her moody teenage phase, she won't feel this enthusiastic when her presence (with rake in hand) is required on the lawn. Well...if money happens to be involved, she *might* be inclined to cheerfully help out.
Caroline is like Mr. Krabs; her eyes light up upon even the faintest utterance of the word money.

I took some cute up close pictures of the hard working crew, but I'm not crazy about putting the faces of other people's children on my blog without permission.
Just a peek into our day.....

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