Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gratitude in the Form of Hot Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Do you spell it donuts or doughnuts?
I go either way.

Anyway, today is Veteran's Day. So, thanks Veterans. Especially my mom, dad, four uncles and last, but not least, Craig.

Each year Caroline's school puts on a big Veteran's day shin dig. It's up to each grade level to choose how they celebrate, but often times it involves parents and grandparents or friends and neighbors coming in to share about their jobs or their time spent in the military.
Last year the first graders sang some songs and listened to some of the dads talk about their jobs as pilots, doctors and computer geeks.
This year the second graders didn't do anything big so I didn't plan on going in to the school this morning. In fact, I was eagerly anticipating a sweaty gym session. That is, however, until I ran into my neighbor after school yesterday. She's the same neighbor that coordinates all the parent volunteers for the PTA. Can you guess where this is going?

I had already signed up to provide baked goods for the goodie table, but she was also looking for a sucker willing participant to stand by the goodie table and greet people as they passed by. She needed someone to say hello, thank them for coming and suggest they grab some coffee and a doughnut from the table.
I agreed to do it so long as I didn't have to wear a dress. I didn't agree to this because I fancy myself the greeting type. I'm friendly. I love to chit chat, but I don't fit the cheerful greeter profile. I much prefer to ease my way into conversations and when you're greeting people, you have to be the conversation initiator. I'm not an initiator.

There's a first time for everything. And today was my day.

Instead of easing into the day as I usually do, I hopped out of bed as the alarm sounded and did the shower, hair and make up thing. The hair thing was completely pointless, by the way. I was having an excellent hair day until the moment I stepped outside into the breezy rainy morning.
I was not happy.
Nor was I efficient with my time. After I dropped Caroline off at school, I booked it back to the house to brush my teeth (clean teeth are imperative when you're in charge of greeting people), grab the brownies and feed the neighbor's cat.
After all that was done, I walked back to the school, with my hair just a blowin' in the wet wind all the while cursing the weather.

I'm fairly easy going, but I have my limits. Hair mussing weather is one of those limit reaching, ire inducing occasions.

As it turns out, greeting the veterans was a lot of fun. I talked a lot, pushed the baked goods and enjoyed watching the kids eagerly salute those in uniform.
Our area is a veritable melting pot of military families so it is only fitting that the school take time out to show support and gratitude to those who serve.

The goodie table was over flowing with treats. So many, in fact, that the remains will be pawned off on the teachers and staff. One of the parents brought in two dozen freshly made Krispy Kreme doughnuts, which were accepted with relish. One lady, a Navy IT specialist, had just come home from Afghanistan two weeks earlier and was SO happy to eat a Krispy Kreme. Seeing her devour the doughnut with such joy made my cold, black heart feel all warm and fuzzy. Doughnuts can do that to you.
Well, not to me; doughnuts give me heartburn. But it's nice to see that others enjoy doughnuts without needing to follow the doughy sweet goodness with a Tums chaser.

Many of the veterans had the day off today, so it is only appropriate that we ply them with sugar and really strong coffee in an effort to say thanks. They could have stayed home in their comfy clothes on this rainy day, enjoying quiet while their kids are at school.
Instead, they put on their uniforms, endured the nasty weather and came to visit hoards of eager and excited children.

They could have chosen to not serve our country, but they did.
Selflessly. Honorably. Courageously.

And for that I am truly grateful.

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