Friday, November 13, 2009

Split Pea Soup

I'm one of those weirdos that LOVES split pea soup. If my mom ever made it growing up, which I can't really remember one way or another, I would not have been the kind of child that would have refused to eat it. The more I think about it, my mom must have made split pea soup because how else would I have established such a love for it. Now that I'm tripping down memory lane, I do remember her telling me about a woman she knew growing up who called split pea soup "Mary Poppins soup" to get her children to eat it.

Hey, whatever works.

Maybe I'll call it "Spider Man soup" to get Craig to eat it.
He's not a fan.
I could also go with the "it'll put hair on your chest" sales pitch, but he already has that one covered.

I'll admit,split pea soup is not a dish that warrants an A+ in visuals; people rarely refer to something as being "split pea green" in a positive way. Such as, "the carpet in that house is the color of split pea soup." No one wants pea green carpet or furniture or appliances. That I understand.
But not liking pea soup is a foreign concept to me. Not as foreign as those claiming to hate chocolate. That is certifiably insane, in my eyes. I can see how the color and texture of split pea soup might not appeal to everyone; but for those with a sense of adventure: give split peas a chance.

The other day, the first of the many cold, windy rainy days that have overcome our area recently, I bought a can of Amy's split pea soup at the store. I paid $2.29. That's kind of pricey, if you ask me.
As you know, cheap is my love language. Or, something like that.
Knowing that I could easily make myself a whole lot of split pea soup from one bag of dried peas, I dug deep within the recesses of my pantry and discovered a bag that I probably paid a little over a buck for.

And then I made myself some soup.
That was a good idear, if I do say so myself.

Economical, nutritious and tasty.

And that my friends is the extent of the exciting events that have occurred in Casa de Smith lately.
Yep, split peas. That's it.

It has been a low key kind of week. Craig has been working some long hours; in fact, neither Caroline nor I have seen him since Wednesday. He's been driving to Maryland for meetings in the mornings and then finishing up his regular work shift. I haven't been able to keep my eyes open later than 9:45 lately; consequently, I've been dead to the world on the couch downstairs when he arrives home a little after 10.
I'm sure he's looking forward to the weekend.

It's been cold and rainy. Oh and WINDY. I normally love this kind of weather so long as I don't have anywhere to go. However, I was feeling oddly antsy yesterday and went on an outing, braving the cold, rain and hair style demolishing wind.
First I did my weekly volunteer gig in Caroline's class. I read about maps with my reading groups and then helped the kids as they brainstormed for their stories about a turkey in disguise.
After catching up on all the second grade gossip at lunch, I left, debating the whole time whether I wanted to endure the nasty conditions. Knowing that I couldn't bare to spend another solitary moment at home without a thing to do (besides laundry), I carried on.
First stop: lunch. I wanted soup but Panera was in the opposite direction in which I was going. Subway just had to do.
I grabbed my veggie sub and baked Doritos and ate in the car whilst listening to the radio. After that I went to Michael's to see if there was anything I couldn't possible live without.
The answer to that question is NO.
I couldn't find anything I wanted, needed or desired enough to spend my money on.

Oh well. It was nice to browse, anyway.

After running through the congested parking lot, dodging rain and blowing leaves, back to the car, I pointed myself in the direction of Trader Joes. It's been a couple of weeks since my last trip and my almond butter jar is empty and in the recycle bin. Time for an ab refill.
By the time I drove to Trader Joes, bought my ab, pumpkin butter, cranberry apple butter and some steel cut oats, it was still only 12:45. Apparently I'm too efficient to waste time.

Still not wanting to go home, I went to Target.

Every other time I go to Target I can find a zillion things to spend money on.

Today, not so much.

So I went home.

It wasn't nearly as fun an outing as I had hoped for.

Today's events have been similarly pathetic. Gym, library, home, split pea soup, laundry.


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nancy said...

Yes, I did make split pea soup when you were growing up. Hence, "Mary Poppins Soup."
I hope I used the word "hence" correctly. It's a good word. Very split pea soupish.