Friday, September 25, 2009


Yeah, I got nothing.
It's been a lame week; lame weeks rarely offer any decent blog fodder.

I could tell you how both of our cars have hemorrhaged money this week, but who really cares about broken windows, tires and 30,000 mile check ups.
I could tell you all about my inability to handle basic math concepts, leading to a huge mistake while reconciling the bank account, but that's not very interesting either.

I have nothing.

I feel like I should, because I generally possess an uncanny knack for being able to write hundreds of words about nothing. Seinfeld in blog format. But, alas, not today.

It's been a meh kind of day. The warm fuzzies I felt on Tuesday about the onset of fall have dissipated. I don't feel warm and fuzzy. I feel ambivalent and uninspired. And in need of a nap.

I bought a hoodie for myself today; I even paid full price. I bought it because I want and (sort of) need a light jacket, but mostly because I just wanted it. It's chocolate brown; I like chocolate brown. Even though I've been mentally beating myself up over the mistake I made in the check register, I bought it anyway.

Yep, that's all I have. I hate not updating regularly, but sometimes there just isn't anything to report. I have my huge audience to please, you know. All six of you!

We have a big weekend ahead: soccer followed by a birthday party. We did the same thing last Saturday and will do it again next Saturday. Ok, so maybe it's not exactly a "big" weekend, but it's life. Maybe something blog worthy will come of it.

Until then, I SINCERELY hope that everyone else has a more exciting life than mine. If you don't, then, well...I'm really quite sorry.


nancy said...

Yeah. Lots of meh going around.
I got am amazingly gorgeous red/black wash denim jacket yesterday @ Beall's Outlet. It's all decoratively raised and embellished (Oooookaaaay), a Coldwater Creek $89.50 jecket for $14.99. Dad really likes it, too, so that subtracts from the I don't NEED it guilt factor.
AND.....I'm getting a new cellphone with a keyboard because you know how much me and my posse text all the time. I'm so 23.
Seriously, I needed a new phone anyway, so why not. Turns out....for only $5 a month my phone gets Internet access!!!!!!
I can't wait to play with it. I get it probably Wednesday.
Have a good soccer game/birthday party!

Alison said...

OMG, ur so cool. It's pretty sad when my mom has a fancier phone than me! I only use mine to see what time it is, anyway.

I'm happy you found the jacket of your dreams.