Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hummus Is Yummus

Pardon me, I seem to have food on the brain. That's not exactly news to anyone, but, nevertheless, I'm still thinking about the tasty goodness of the hummus/veggie wrap I just ate for lunch. I'm glad my lunch was so healthy so that it might counteract the damage I did when I got home from the gym this morning. I not only ate the excess lemony glaze that dripped off the lemon bundt cake I baked, but I also sampled a piece of the cherry cream cheese coffee cake I also baked last night. You know, quality control. Quite obviously, I was in a cake baking mood yesterday. Lemon bundt cake isn't exactly very fall inspired in it's flavor profiles (how Top Chef of me) but I came across the recipe yesterday and couldn't resist giving it a try. I really, really enjoy tart lemony desserts. I do not, however, like lemony savory food. Lemon chicken, gag. Chicken picata, gag. Lemon squirted on fish, gag. I don't like fish, either.

Yesterday's baking bonanza kept me quite busy. Well, I take that back; baking didn't take that long. However, it seems to me that I had one of those days where I didn't sit down much, but I can't remember what I did. Obviously it was exciting stuff.
Oh, wait. I remember now. I DID have a busy(ish) day. I had intended on getting up early to take a jaunt around the neighborhood, but when the alarm clock was set to ring, I made a quick decision to stay in my cozy bed. It's been chilly in the morning lately. Chilly weather lends itself to extra time under a pile of blankets. Or just one blanket. It's not THAT cold yet. I flaked on my run and felt mildly bad about it; the good news is that I didn't flake again this morning. But I digress.....yesterday I had to attend a meeting that was being held for parents of kids in the Gifted program. Yep, Caroline is a smarty mcmathpants. Although it's not called the "gifted and talented" program any longer. Now it's called the "Advanced Academics Program." Whatever.
All I know is that I left feeling overwhelmed and stupid. How am I supposed to help my kid become a good, critical thinker when I'm don't exactly possess super critical thinking skills myself? Oh, and how am I supposed to encourage her and set a good example when it takes me three minutes to figure out one of her second grade math word problems. Gah, I hate word problems. Caroline is so quick with numbers and I STILL can't easily subtract big numbers. That whole "borrowing" thing in subtraction still gets me. I suppose that explains why I have trouble reconciling the check book sometimes.

After the meeting, I had the extreme pleasure of going to the doctor for a check up. Oh yay!
It had been a while, so it was a necessary appointment. I'm happy to report that all of my parts, excluding my scattered brain, are working just as they should; I'm a well oiled machine. My medical history is boring, just as it should be. However, it appears that I'm a shorter machine that I thought I was. I only measured 5'3 1/2" tall. Where have I been? I've been rounding up to 5'4" all these years. Or maybe I shrunk? Nah, I'm too young to start shrinking. I do enough weight bearing exercise and take calcium supplements, so I suspect my bones are in decent condition.

Meeting, doctor, trip to the commissary for a few incidentals and baking took up the majority of my day. And today, I've got nothing. I have laundry to do, but otherwise, I've got nothing. ZERO. ZIP. ZILCH.
That would explain why I've been sitting in my favorite chair with my laptop for the past hour and a half.

Sometimes being a lady of leisure is quite nice. But mostly I feel guilty. I had a dream the other night in which I debated having another baby so I wouldn't feel so bad about doing nothing for most of the day. The dream was sparked by a conversation I had at the birthday party we attended on Saturday. I spoke with two moms of only children and then spoke with someone with two kids, but with plans for two more. Both situations have their merits, and I really don't want any more kids, but still, I'll forever feel conflicted. And guilty.

That wasn't a good dream. Dreams should be fun and finding a secret closet with all new fashionable clothing in it, not about heartfelt decisions and guilt. I hate waking from dreams and not being able to shake them from the back of your mind. And to top it off, the following night I had a naked in public dream.

Oh, help me!


nancy said...

Now there's a headline: My daughter was naked in public! (I almost wrote Publix, which would still be public.)
The other night I dreamed that I jumped off a pier and when I got out of the water I had teeny, tiny pirahnas stuck to one finger and I was plucking them off and flicking them back into the water.
I think I need lemon bundt cake.
Tomorrow I go for my physical therapy evaluation. Of course, my knee feels fine...but my leg is still puffy.
It needs lemon bundt cake, too.

Sissy said...

You can have a baby for me if you want, if you're just feeling maternal. I'm just saying. :)

Alison said...

Mom, I always dream that I'm being attacked by a cat that won't stop chomping on my fingers. Sorry about your knee. Hopefully the puffiness will subside.

Sissy, I know, here I am wallowing in my own personal (non)drama which definitely isn't considerate of your feelings. I think that I could quite easily have a baby for someone else, but I'm not so sure that Craig would be on board, since, you know, I won't have another baby for HIM. It's amazing he puts up with me sometimes. ;)