Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lucky 13

It's our 13th anniversary today!

13 on the 13th.

The day was recognized by both, but no cards were purchased and no gifts were exchanged.
We haven't any plans for the day and no plans to celebrate in the future.
Eh, no big deal.

Obviously we're low key, low maintenance folks.
That's the way we roll.

Sometime this week I plan to write a post about our very unromantic, thrown together "wedding" and the equally unromantic courtship and "proposal." For the hopeless romantics of the world, dreaming of prince charmings, white horses and fairy tale weddings, our story will make you cringe.

Today I'm knee deep in domestic activities, so I'll try and write it out sometime this week. Laundry and dirt don't care whether it's our anniversary or not. Besides, in between cleaning and cooking, I'm setting aside time to write Craig 13 love notes, cut his sandwich into the shape of a heart, throw rose petals all around him as he lays on the couch watching the Bucs play, and make my own wrapping paper to wrap up his gift that I spent three months searching for.


Hey, I'm allowed to joke a little.
Actually, I'm making a tasty meal for dinner AND I bought Craig his favorite kettle chips and jalapeno dip at the store today.

See, I do have a heart and soul.

1 comment:

Sissy said...

It's the little things, right? I'm sure he will appreciate his kettle chips.

I love your love story. Even if it did begin so auspiciously in the grill at McDonald's. As I say, you got the only decent guy in the place. The guy who had a crush on me just wanted to hook up in the walk-in. So romantic.

I remember the letter you wrote me when you got married, and I was away at college. You were so afraid I would be mad that you married him, but I certainly didn't know him like you did.

Happy Anniversary!